Special squirrel cage motors for lifting, for the auxiliary propulsion of boats, iron & steel industry, cement and mining Products


Obeki Squirrel cage


Obeki develops personalised motor designs that are made to measure, with the associated technical specifications.
Any motor in the Low Voltage (up to 690 V) range, tri-phase, up to a shaft height of 450, which has to comply with requirements beyond the characteristics of rack motors, can be developed by Obeki.

These characteristics may be, among others:

  • Accessories: forced ventilation, encoders, hollow shaft encoders, special bearings, thermal probes, heating resistors…
  • Process variables control: relations between intensities and start-up torques, with regard to the nominal values. Quadratic applications…
  • Dimensional flexibility: through its construction of boiler frames, Obeki is highly flexible in adapting to meet its clients' size and space requirements, as well as any type of coupling with activated mechanisms (twin shaft outputs, tapered shafts, special flanges, personalised anchorage for the motor’s legs…).
  • Certifications: the motors are designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards of quality certification agencies such as: Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyds, Ders Norske Veritas
  • Adaptation to work with a variator
  • Higher protection levels up to IP66
  • Different types of cooling system: surface without fan, with fan in shaft, forced ventilation, water cooling, air-air and water-water exchangers, etc…
  • Any other adaptation that you may require, please do not hesitate to contact us