Renewable energies| Sectors


Obeki is aware of the growing importance of all things related to energy consumption and generation by means of safe, clean sources.

That is why we have spent years applying our knowledge of rotating electrical machines to the service of different experiences that, in a more or less advanced stage of product/market development, are emerging as key technologies for the future of energy generation.

Concepts such as DISTRIBUTED ENERGY, POWER GENERATION AT THE POINT OF CONSUMPTION, a HYBRIDISATION OF DIFFERENT RENEWABLE SOURCES and their management through a single centralised control system, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, etc… are IN NO WAY new to us.

Some of the most relevant experiences we have taken part in and in which we have provided our solutions, are the following:

In any case, if you are developing a product related to generation (renewable energies, microgeneration, electric vehicles, etc…) and you need an industrial collaborator to design and manufacture the generator, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer you:

A confidentiality agreement + applicable commercial agreements

A study of the application

A theoretical conception of the most suitable motor/generator

Manufacture of the prototype and relevant adjustments

Pre-series - Industrialisation

Low power wind energy (small wind turbines, up to 100 kW):
  • Strong and highly efficient permanent magnet generators, adapted to meet the technical and dimensional needs of each wind turbine.
  • Possibility to seal in resin for better protection against atmospheric conditions (salty environments, etc…).
  • Possibility of construction with an interior or exterior rotor
Wind energy:
  • Motor-fans to cool the windmills’s main alternator.
  • Customised manufacture to ensure a perfect fit in the manufacturer’s design of the wind turbine and/or the manufacturer of the alternator
  • 1 & 2-speed motors
Micro-generation and micro-cogeneration:
  • Mono-phase and tri-phase generators.
  • High performance
  • Several available technologies: synchronous, asynchronous and permanent magnets
  • Dimensionally adapted to the casing that the manufacturer of the micro-(co)generation system has designed
  • Examples: Domestic and industrial micro-cogeneration boilers, small hydro and other mini and micro-cogeneration systems.
Wave energy:
  • Permanent magnet generators for wave energy.
  • Experience in the offer of prototypes up to 500 kW
  • Water-cooled
  • Low rotating speeds. Up to 24 poles